Our Story

Our Story

Our journey has never been easy. Our story is more than just the stores we have built, the employees we have developed and the customers we have served.

Many of our start up history are in the details of our journey. Learn how NT Shop began and how we have gone through the metamorphosis process to be where we are today in retail industry.

The Journey of NT Shop

NT represents the abbreviation for Ngoi and Tan, the surnames of NT Shop’s co-founders, who are considered as entirely self-taught entrepreneurs.

Let us bring you a bit more on how it all began. Mr. Ngoi and Ms. Tan were raised in the same neighbourhood before they worked together in the same organization, a wholesale distribution company at their hometown in Johor. Being a self-motivated business maverick at the early age of twenty, they decided to start up own business to be entrepreneurs themselves.

With minimal capital, Mr. Ngoi and Ms. Tan started their wholesale business selling hair ornaments in year 1995. Mr. Ngoi travelled to overseas alone to source for affordable products to sell in their newly developed platform. However their capital was far too little to sustain nor further expand their business in the industry with a commanding of competitive price. Mr. Ngoi later aquatinted a Taiwanese businessman, who offered him stocks with long credit term. Moreover with a strong foundation of interpersonal relationships and contacts with retailers, Mr. Ngoi and Ms. Tan (by now is Mr. Ngoi’s wife), managed to obtain their retailer’s support and some were willing to pay in cash terms.

Due to bad debts, one of their retailers selling household items offered to sell his company. They bought over their retailers’ company, restructured their debts by consolidating the companies under their belt. They continues the newly acquired business selling household items and changes its name to NT Shop with its first store in Subang. This was the genesis of NT Shop’s retail empire established in 2004, proving that commitment, determination and integrity in business will overcome all obstacles. Soon they ended their hair ornament wholesale business and shifted their focus in expanding NT Shop.

NT Shop is positioning to play a leading part in the future of Malaysia retail arena. We believe by opening more stores, it will not only provide more convenience for our customers but offer more job opportunities to the community nearby. With unrivalled choice of products at irresistibly low price, we guarantees our customers a joyful shopping experience.

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