Frequently Asked Questions​


Frequently Asked Questions

After your purchase, you are given 7 days if you wish to return or exchange. You may request for exchange of item however refund is not allowed. The item selected for exchange should be of same price or higher because difference of amount will not be refunded. Customers must pay the difference of amount if the item selected for exchange is higher in price.

All items can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from date of purchase except toys and inner wears. Remember to bring the original receipt with you when you wish to exchange.

You can contact 011-3329 3463 to make a complaint or submit your complaint through our website Contact Us. Make sure you have the purchase date, time, branch location, cashier’s name (if any) and other related info ready before you make a complaint.

Do let our cashier know if you need plastic bag. Instead of RM0.20 charged for each plastic bag, customers will need to pay RM0.20 only without limitation of how many plastic bags used.

Customer order for minimum amount of RM200 can be placed through any NT Shop branch. Our friendly staff will assist you in placing your order. It usually takes 10-14 working days for us to process your order and deliver to our branch for collection.

Customer are required to collect their order at the same branch where order was placed. We do not provide delivery to doorsteps.

You may cancel your bulk order by informing our staff from the same branch order placed but deposit paid will not be refunded.

Submit your product info by completing our New Product(s) Listing Form. This form is downloadable through website Business With Us page under Merchandising.

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